What we do

JOZEL CARE is a reputable platform that provides Caregivers and private Nurses to care for the sick and vulnerable persons at their bedside in hospital and at private homes. Our Caregivers and Nurses help with personal care like bathing, changing of diapers (infants and adults), routine exercise, cooking/feeding, light chores, light errands, laundry, help with medication, physiotherapy, help with moving around, monitoring of health condition, emergencies, etc.

We provide specialized long and short term care that meet the personal care needs of vulnerable persons and at same time we aim to save family members the stress, mental trauma, time and inefficiencies associated with caring for sick or incapacitated loved ones by themselves.

Our core services include home care for the sick, incapacitated persons and others who may not be sick but require specialized care such as pregnant women, nursing mothers, infants and the aged.

At Jozel Care, we are relentless in our resolve to make positive impact on the persons we care for and their families at large. We care for the following categories:

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  1. We do not provide diagnostic services.
  2. We do not prescribe drugs for clients.
  3. We do not offer treatment for ailments and diseases but we can administer drugs and some levels of treatment initiated/prescribed by your medical doctor.
  4. We do not operate hospital or  care facilities. Our offices are mainly for administrative, staff training and service coordination purposes. We rather offer care services at your private residence or related places as may be determined.

You may contact us to learn more about our services and operational terms.

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1.   To make specialized personal care services readily available in Africa.

2.  To relieve family members (whose love ones are ill or incapacitated) of the trauma, time and in adequate skills associated with caring.

3.  To train and equip women, youths and men who are passionate about caring for others, and engage them to serve where their services are most needed.


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What we do

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  1. In-hospital care (24/7 bedside care while on admission in any hospital)
  2. After hospital home recovery care (24/7 personal care at your residence)
  3. After-surgery home care
  4. Outpatients care
  5. Bedridden persons care
  6. Elderly persons care
  7. Alzheimer, Cerebral palsy and Dementia care
  8. Down Syndrome and Autism care
  9. Orthopaedic recovery care
  10. Persons with mental disorder
  11. Stroke patient care
  12. Newborn, children and nursing mother care
  13. Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) care
  14. Ad-hoc personnel for hospitals and other health facilities
  15. Social project/event ad-hoc Nurses and Caregivers

And other related areas of care…